A dynamic method for weighing swords

Here is a link to my article about weighing swords.

The main goal of this article is to provide a practical way to measure the mass distribution of swords, or at least the aspects of it that have a significant effect on handling properties. These meaningful measurements should ease the comparisons between weapons when hands-on examination is impractical. The typical situations for use of such characteristics could range from on-line reviews and purchase of reproductions or martial training tools, to the study of museum pieces.

Full article in PDF format
Companion video showing the ‘waggle test’:

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4 thoughts on “A dynamic method for weighing swords

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  2. If you used magnets on the tip to make a pivot point you could swing the sword as a complex pendulum and find the center of mass very accurately.

    • Interesting idea!
      Would have to be a pretty powerful magnet to hold the weight of a sword, I don’t have that lying around…

      • Hello Vincent! I use a lot of small yet very powerful neodymium magnets in the workshop and have a great German supplier for these. Sending you a link by Messenger.

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