Here are some useful links that I use very often. These are in no particular order!


Historical sources are at the heart of HEMA, knowing where to find them is essential!


Gear for historical fencing is getting widely available, here are a few companies and individuals craftsmen that are more or less unavoidable in this market (and still in business!), and that I personally own products from.

  • Albion Swords: Makers of top quality weapons, mainly medieval with relatively simple hilts. They are using designs by Peter Johnsson, a famous sword researcher, hence they are supposed to be close to historical swords if not perfect reproductions.
  • Arms & Armor: High quality sharps and trainers, production pieces and custom work too. Notable for their complex hilts, very close to original pieces
  • Malleus Martialis: Some very nice training gear especially for 16th century Italian fencing
  • Darkwood Armory: Famous for their training rapiers, with a choice of production hilts and blades
  • Histfenc: HEMA-specific protective gear, the jackets are especially nice
  • PBT historical fencing: A sport fencing company now doing good HEMA protections too


  • HROARR: A very big general HEMA blog, managed by Roger Norling with lots of guest authors
  • Ilkka Hartikainen’s thoughts, with a big focus on Bolognese swordsmanship
  • Le Caroussel des AMHE: A french blog with many insights on source interpretation
  • Keith Farrell’s blog: Interesting thoughts on training and methodology in general
  • L’arte dell’Armi: A French blog about Italian Renaissance fencing (written by Didier de Grenier and Michaël Huber, ex-ARDAMHE)
  • Nimico: Another French blog about Italian Renaissance fencing (written by Aurélien Calonne, REGHT)
  • Sword STEM: Articles about the scientific aspects of swords and swordsmanship (written by Sean Franklin)
  • Lecture & Combat: A French blog with a more German focus (written by Thomas Rivière, Chapitre des Armes)

Discussion forums

Forums are a bit quiet these days due to the competition from the Face-thing, but these are still well worth a visit:

  • MyArmoury: The place to discuss arms and armour, and a wealth of articles and featured content as well!
  • HEMA Alliance Forum: One of the most active forums about HEMA, international but with a bit of a North-American focus
  • Schola Gladiatoria Forum: Another active forum, international as well but this time with more of a European focus
  • AMHE on web: A French forum… with a French focus, of course!