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While I had decided to stay away from Facebook for as long as possible, recent analysis of the traffic to this blog has shown that this is how many readers become aware of my articles. Forums do not engage nearly as many people anymore. Although I still believe they were a better discussion medium it seems fewer people are reading them, and even fewer willing to participate there. Let’s be honest, writing is cool, but being read is even cooler, and seeing what people thought of it is a gift.

With that in mind, I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog:
Ensis Sub Caelo on Facebook
(the link is also in the sidebar now)

I’m woefully uneducated in how this stuff works, so I expect it will be some time before I use everything to its full potential. For starters, I’ll share my writings there, and maybe in a few groups. We’ll see how it develops from there! At the very least it should help you if you use Facebook as your primary subscription medium. I’ll keep posting on forums and other places as well.

See you there then!

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